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New MSMQ Qxplorer 2.11.0609.51

Latest build of MSMQ Qxplorer is now available.

Whats New.
1. Queue property is now accessible.
2. Re-arrange some of the message queue tool button.
3. Can now view outgoing queues.

MD5 for zip=22361874FA6912D4DF0FABAFE92415F6
MD5 for exe=24F5F988DC5799499C7F1CA905FCBA10


Anonymous said...

Great tool. Any chance it will get sub-queues support (

Anonymous said...

Hi MSMQ Qxplorer developer,

you develop a very great Tool. I miss a funktion for move one or more message from one queue into a other.

best regards, John from Germany

AM said...

Hi Mark,

Dead letter message is not available in current build but i will include in my next release.

I you have any concern or request you can send me a message directly in my email found in my (about button) application.

Prerna said...


Great Tool. I stumbled upon it accidentally. It saved lots of work....

How do you connect between multiple servers and get queue messages and their count? We try to send message between servers and in Sender I could see its successfully sent but on receiving end I don't see the message in few scenarios and it will work good in other scenarios.

Please explain basic logic of this implementation.


AM said...

Hi Navya,

Please check if your queue is transactional or not transactional. if the queue is transactional and you sent message with not transactional you can not receive the messaqge in the other server.

AM said...

Hi John,

Please use the old MSMQ QXplorer , it has function that will save all the message in a XML file

Here is the step.
1. Click File->Save Message
2. Modify the XML file and change the queue Name
3. Load the message that you modify.
4. then click send message

Joe said...

Some antivirus programmers detect a virus in your download from mediafire

AM said...

Hi Joe, May i know what antivirus detect my apps as a virus. maybe one of the detection is cause by the compression that i use in my apps.

Anonymous said...

Hi, thx for the program, however it is having trouble displaying message I sent as serialized XML object. I also tried QueueExplorer and they were able to display the message properly in their wcf panel (also fails to display in XML). Do you think its possible to add support for viewing WCF messages?

Anonymous said...

This tool just doesn't work on 2008R2, even running as administrator. It freezes and eventually dies. Version 1.0 also does not work. Just shows "Private Queue" but does not list the actual queues on the host.

Jesse said...

Sorry, my bad.

I had windows msmq snapin pointing to a host that had queues, but was using your tool pointing to my local host.

Still, version 2. did crash. :) Myabe you can edit my comment to just note that it does not work on at least some flavors of Server 2008R2.

Jesse said...

PS. that last comment was a follow up to the first one i posted as anonymous. sorry for confusion.